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We have the perfect goat for you!

We have been raising purebred Myotonic Goats (also known as Fainting Goats) since 2012. We also raise a few select crossbreds each year. We have show quality, pet quality, and commercial meat goat quality purebreds and crosses for sale from January to August each year. We have a 40 acre farm, and usually have 40-60 goats at any given time. Our goats are tested annually for Johnnes, CAE and CL. We have bloodlines from all over the country, including some from National Champion lines. Whether you are interested in showing or just looking for a backyard buddy, we have your goat! Check out our website for more information on the breed, on our specific goats, and on our animals for sale. Let us know if you want to come check them out!
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We are located in West Warren, Utah, 10 minutes outside downtown Ogden. Come see our goats, you will love them!
Myotonic and Myotonic Cross Goats
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