Smell of Rebellion at Risng S RSF Fall Over Farms Half-Belted Hannah PTW Hannah Bells Goats Glitter RSF Rising S Roxie Bells Goats Glitter Rising S Roxie RSF
Dual Registered MGR and MSFGA  
Matilda Isabella Fall Over Farms Isabella PTW
 Born June 11, 2011 Horned
Haven Painted Rose Ranch Haven PTW
 Born June 12, 2011 Horned
 Born April 08, 2012 Horned
 Born July 05, 2013 Disbudded
Annie Oakley at Rising S RSF Gingerbread at Rising S RSF Annie Oakley Gingerbread
 Born February 01, 2011 Disbudded
 Born August 11, 2012 Horned
Cozy Acres Elda Mae
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