3 Dubs Acres Leialoha

Sire: CMR Rowdy Dam: Over EZ Acres Leilani DOB: 11/06/2014 “Ali” is our best show doe, and one of our two best producers. We purchased her from 3 Dubs Acres in California as a baby, and she hasn’t dissapointed.

Senior Does

Our does have to be pretty special, since they can only produce one to three babies per year, unlike the boys. They are chosen either for their breed confirmation and their show record (show quality), or for their temperment and ability to throw cute, healthy babies (pet quality).  Click on individual pictures for performance pedigrees if available.
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Rising S Ranch  S
Myotonic and Myotonic Cross Goats

Hoof Hearted Honey

Sire: Secret Call Ranch Louie McNeal Dam: Johnson Home Farm Truly DOB: 01/16/2013 Honey was one of the first registered outside does we purchased. She is small but mighty. Her performance record is not as strong as Ali’s, but she is our second best producer of show quality kids.

Rising S Marina Del Rey

Sire: Painted Rose Ranch Austin Dam: Hoof Hearted Honey DOB:03/05/2015 Marina is our first homebred doe to show well. She is a half sister to Ace in the Hole and has produced nice babies for us two years in a row.

Cozy Acres Elda Mae

Sire: Springs Run Pippin Dam: Bells Goats Greta DOB: 04/09/2013 Elda Mae is another dual registered doe we purchased from Cozy Acres. Like all Pippin daughters, she is a tank. She has given us nice babies every year.

Rising S Marlee

Sire: Buck Creek Maverick Dam: Rising S Vanilla Twilight DOB: 02/03/2016 Marlee is our oldest son’s doe, and she has shown well for him. This will be her first pregnancy in 2017.

Cozy Acres Lady Idaho

Sire: Cozy Acres Yahoo Dam: Bells Goats Greta DOB: 03/27/2015 Idaho is dual registered MSFGA and MGR. She has given us two sets of babies, and we kept her daughter Rachel from last year. She may be for sale later this year.
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Fall Over Farms Knock on Wood

Sire: Fall Over Farms Buck Dam: Fall Over Farms Bliss DOB: 04/11/2012 Woody is a red and white doe who sometimes gives us show quality babies and sometimes gives us pet quality babies. She always gives us healthy babies.

Fall Over Farms Isabella

Sire: Fall Over Farms Cooper Dam: Fall Over Farms Knickers DOB: 06/11/2011 Isabella is our oldest doe, and gives us adorable, pet quality babies every year. She specializes in blue eyes, and her babies are always spunky.

Fall Over Farms Half Belted Hannah

Sire: Fall Over Farms Buck Dam: Fall Over Farms Haylee DOB: 04/08/2012 Hannah is our second oldest doe. She and Isabella think they are sisters, even though they are not. Like Isabella, she gives us cute babies with blue eyes every year.
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Rising S Josie

Sire: Buck Creek Maverick Dam: Annie Oakley at Rising S DOB: 06/02/2016 Josie had her first babies fall of 2017. She throws crazy markings and adorable babies.

Fall Over Farms All Eyes On Me

Sire: Fall Over Farms Don’t Know Dam: Fall Over Farms Knock on Wood DOB: 04/21/2015 Ollie had her first babies in 2017, and so far we are pleased with what she produces. She came as a package deal with Knock On Wood, her mother.

Bells Goats Valentine

Sire: Southern Drawl Farms Mr. Merle Dam: Bells Goats Catherine DOB: 02/14/2016 We bought Valentine bred from Bells Goats here in Ogden, Utah. She gave us two awesome moonspotted babies lin 2016 and in 2017 she gave us two adorable boys.
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Myotonic and Myotonic Cross Goats